Roberts Expression Radio Review

Despite the weight of the radio and lack of batteries included, the Expression radio looks great, feels solid and sounds superb.

Roberts Expression Radio Review

Roberts has at last made a radio stylish enough to be put proudly on display in any modern house. As is typical with Roberts radios it doesn’t stop with great design, the sound quality is excellent. Classical music plays superbly, Pop and rock sounds rounded and the spoken word is warm. For this you can thank the stereo speakers and built in ‘Dynamic Range Control’ setting, which receives information sent out over the air by the broadcaster to enhance quieter sounds.

The case is crafted from curved ash-effect wooden edges; the front and rear are drilled metal grilles. The tuning and volume knobs are located at the top of the radio along with the display and six other rubberised buttons which admittedly feel a little flimsy. Unfortunately having a display on the top of a radio might be an issue for some – it isn’t the best for those who might have the radio next to their bed or who prefer to operate it whilst sitting down.

The handle is big and sturdy – strong enough to take the weight of the radio (1.48kg), however having the radio plugged in to a mains (AC) adapter does mean the handle rests against the lead.

The Expression does come with a multi preset modes (for saving radio stations) – but you’ll have to navigate through the preset menu to select the station. It does however have a single ‘Favourite’ button which you can preset to tune you into your favourite radio station.

With four standard alkaline ‘D’ batteries you’ll get 100 hours of audio and it’s built-in battery charger means a set of good quality NIHM rechargeable batteries should reduce costs in the long run – as standard alkaline ‘D’ batteries can be quite expensive to constantly replace. Sadly Roberts doesn’t included batteries which for a radio advertised as portable is a bit of a let down.

Despite the weight of the radio and lack of batteries included, the Expression radio looks great and sounds superb.

The Roberts Expression is available at retailers including Argos (£99.99), Currys (£99.99), PCWorld (£99.99), Superfi (£99.95), House of Fraser (£94.99), John Lewis (£94.95), (£87.95), (£87.95), eBay (from £69.99 at time of going to press).