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  • Thanks for explaining the process which you use to write articles. I must admit that I am used to illustrating my articles using my own choice of images, I either chose from an image bank from which I know the website owner has paid rights to access or I use images which allow me to use them (Creative Commons licenses, or Public Domain), or more often, images that I create myself.

    It is not like complaining about the centrefold of a magazine as these images illustrate your article. Now perhaps the process with Postdesk is that you write and someone else adds images and you do not get any say over that, I get that.

    Still, it is interesting to discuss the legality of the posted images as there is no indication of image sources like I am used to seeing on most blogs/news etc. It is very common though probably not mandatory in some cases. Most CC licenses require to give credit to the author, if there are any here then they are not complying to the license. From what I read of your articles you should be offended if that were the case.

    I will trust there are no issues with the legality of the use of any of the images on this page.

    Do you not sometimes think that copyright extends itself too far, in time at least. Do you not think that copyright repression goes too far, trying to embed itself into laws and punishments that seem to be equalling other acts that are way more serious. Check out
    There are many more examples. This is something we need to address and this contributes to people being outraged by such things as acta/sopa/pipa (not to mention the banking diaries).

    Maybe it is such things that motivate the underlying hype. Many people indeed get confused about what ACTA and other similar things are really about, but in the end we all know and feel they are wrong, and that we are right about.

    Thank you for getting back, and hope that people’s comments here have helped you understand different view points on these issues. Perhaps and hopefully you will even agree to some or at least become more sensitive to these issues.