In reply to:  Does Skyrim really deserve the praise it's received? - Why Skyrim is a Stormcloak in a Teacup

  • Well this is unfair; I had great fun wandering around the vast majority of the Skyrim realm whilst slack-jawed at its unbelievable graphics and combat.Yes there are some quests which make you ponder whether the last 30 minutes of your life were wasted or if the Hide Shield of Waning Frost was worth the 20 potions of Health guzzled inbetween dispatching Draugr Deathlords with bare fists as your weapon was disarmed;however that can’t be taken into account when you just had the biggest thrill of your gaming life when you just pummled a Elder Dragon to death with a Ebony war-axe in a cutscene (most likely followed by your follower saying “Wow”).

    Just my humble opinion.