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  • I had a go at Skyrim, despite it not being my usual kind of game (i’m more of a shoot-y, drive-y kinda guy). Put several hours into it but i still don’t like it.
    It looks absolutely stunning but dear god it is repetitive.
    Sure, i spent a lot of time wandering about looking at…well, the scenery (much like i did with Red Dead Redemption). How i laughed when i had my horse nearly vertical on a mountain, and the delight when i finally ‘got’ the whole ‘arrow to the knee’ meme just months after it started.

    I’ve never played any of the other Elder Scrolls games, so i have no real frame of reference, other than World Of Warcraft (before anyone jumps on me, i know this is not an Elder Scrolls game, but i see them as being similar games) which i tried and failed to get into. To me its like when Fred Flintstone got into his car, and the animators just scrolled the same background past him every so often to save on animation costs. Maybe its just because i don’t get the whole genre, or i’m not attentive enough to enjoy the glorious scenery but i opened up the disc tray and went back to beating people with a 2ft purple dildo in Saints Row: The Third and all was right with the world again.