In reply to:  Why our National Curriculum is a National Joke and how the teaching of IT in the UK needs an overhaul

  • I completed my IT GCSE in 3 days. All I basically had to do was make a table in word and link a few excel cells together. It was far too easy.
    After leaving school I taught myself (using everyone’s friend Google) small amounts of HTML, worked out how to operate windows 7 and the basic components to a computer. None of these were offered to me in school. I would have loved it to be. Reading the comments on here there is a lot of talk about code being taught. I believe an understanding of what code does should be taught, but not necessarily the fine detail. I wonder how many students know how software is made.

    English, Maths and Science is compulsory at GCSE, surely IT should be as well. After all, the world depends on it more every day and key businesses or operations cannot run without it.
    I am cub leader and have taught my cubs(ages 8-10) how to turn on a laptop, connect it to a printer and print off a poster they have made in word. If these basics could be taught at a younger age, when children get to secondary school they can choose specific areas in IT which they’d like to study or if there not interested, they can develop basic IT skills which would help them in life or in the workplace.

    I know my argument is a bit all over the place but it’s time IT was recognised as the new English or Maths.