In reply to:  Interview with games industry veteran American McGee: 'developers are being stifled by the systems in which they work’

  • “You’re right in saying Wii ‘shovelware’ is no better, because it really isn’t. But the example of mobile gaming seemed more appropriate when speaking about a company which does develop mobile games, and not Wii ‘shovelware’.”

    I have to disagree.

    I think that the popularity mobile games and wii games and those yukky sports games I dislike are good for the gaming community. Why? Because it brings in a lot more people that can experience it, and a lot more money and interest in general into the industry. Heck, it’s made gaming something cool instead of something that kids get bullied over. That right there is a plus in my book.
    I have similar feelings about the trash that is the Twilight saga. It’s crappy writing (I can’t even bring myself to call it literature) but at the same time it’s brought a lot of kids and teens into the world of reading and writing and for that I have to applaud it. I mean really, when was the last time it was cool to read a book?

    @Kat Actually, I did leave room for re-response; I personally emailed American after he asked “Why??” (it would be rude not to) with my response. The same response which I placed as a note there, I planned on updating the interview with his re-response should he have got back to me.”

    Then maybe it would have been appropriate to wait for his response and publish the interview in its entirety- or at least mention in the original post that the interview was incomplete and you were waiting for his responses to your later posed “notes.”