In reply to:  Why the Nintendo 3DS will be a failure, and how it is fundamentally flawed

  • Nooo please do not even bring up the Virtual Boy…. Such terrible memories… I doubt this will be Nintendo’s last stand though. We all thought the same about a lot of other consoles and their manufacturers. Nintendo will find a way to stay in the game as it always does, and hopefully it does not die out.
    Anyway, i tried out the 3DS at my local GameStop. It seems fine, i liked the Street Fighter game, but it hurts your eyes quickly, which is probably why they only gave you 20 minutes to preview it at the launch. It is overall fun, But being the hardcore gamer that i am, i like to stay playing for hours upon hours, so i doubt i will be getting the 3DS as i will likely get addicted and go blind (Well almost blind) . Ocarina Of Time was pretty dang epic when i tried it though. Ill just wait for the PlayStation Vita.