In reply to:  EE Signal & Coverage Problems: EE have cut back their 3G network in the UK now 4G is launched

  • I have been with Orange since 2000 with very few problems. I moved house last year and the signal keeps failing giving me ‘no service’ or ‘searching’ which flattens my battery everyday. I have an iPhone 3Gs. Only ever achive ‘o’ or ‘e’ service, no 3G. 2G is so bad that I can not make calls as the signal fails completely during all calls. Pursuaded to change to EE, problems even worse. Can no longer make calls or texts. I leave the phone switched off all the time. Cannot contact EE on anything other than a mobile number via my landline. Just spent over £20 dealing with customer services to no avail. Tried to get a signal booster but EE come up with all the excuses possible and as yet have not agreed to provide me with one.