In reply to:  EE Signal & Coverage Problems: EE have cut back their 3G network in the UK now 4G is launched

  • In Merton Park, London SW19. Great coverage for years with Orange until June 2013. Suddenly, unable to receive or make a phone call that lasts for more than 3 seconds. Have had countless calls to EE and have a different story every time. Once I was every told they were cancelling my contract and it would take 5 days. Rang up 10 days later to find out why no action – no record of my call and absolute denial that I could have been told that. Other times, I have had staff members, including those from the executive office, completely deny there is a problem in my area. On yet another time, I had one person tell me the service has always been rubbish in my area, therefore, nothing had changed, which meant they couldn’t cancel the contract. This is a problem with everyone I know in my area – as EE’s standard response is that none else has complained (and hence there is no problem), the only way to get action may be to lodge a group complaint from as many people in your area as possible. I believe it is worth the effort to do this, just so this company cannot get away with these lies and deceptions any longer.