In reply to:  EE Signal & Coverage Problems: EE have cut back their 3G network in the UK now 4G is launched

  • I have been noticing problems with me I phone 5 on EE. The problems are poor signal, difficulty making calls and text messages not sending and also receiving messages maybe 5 hours after they were sent to me. Also this month for some reason my data allowance 1gb ran out after 15 days and I can not understand what has used it up. I live in Kidlington Near Oxford. I have been with Orange for 18 years and always had a good service and never experienced any signal problems. I upgraded to I phone 5 on Orange 12 months ago and everything was fine until I received a call from a young salesman trying to get me to switch to EE, also trying to get me to up my tariff by up to £10 a month. He insinuated that I had to switch because Orange was being phased out and my phone would no longer work. I was reluctant to accept this and understood from him that I would receive a new SIM card. I was not happy with this and didn’t use the Sim as I did not agree to this! and was told that If I used it I was accepting the T&C’s.

    I continued to use my orange SIM. After a few week my phone ceased to work! they had cut me off!! I complained profusely and demanded to be reconnected, I was told that this would take seven days, so had no choice but to use the EE SIM. I made several phone calls and sent two written complaints by Email, but didn’t receive a reply to either !!!

    So now I have a service worse than I have had for 18 years.