In reply to:  EE Signal & Coverage Problems: EE have cut back their 3G network in the UK now 4G is launched

  • I live in Central London St Johns Wood NW8 and have been Orange customer for 20 years. Since I took new an with orange on upgrade to Apple I phone 4 as my first I phone , I was disappointed to find dropped calls even while talking to customer services/ technical dept as well as no service or one bar. This has been like this since August 2013 and making complaints to Orange Press office and customer services has resulted in facing a brick wall.
    I can honestly say after reading this site where I have had to literally turn off my phone then on again to reconnect to network gas not even helped!

    Carphone Warehouse locally told me they use T mobile in their St Johns Wood shop and do not have problems but other networks do suffer. They then went onto say that all mobile network s excluding Vodaphone use EE have same problem as Orange. Is this so?

    Michele Selwyn