In reply to:  EE Signal & Coverage Problems: EE have cut back their 3G network in the UK now 4G is launched

  • I am based in Harpenden and have worked from home since the early 1990s. I was with Orange from about 1998 and switched to T Mobile about 2 1/2 years ago when they “merged” with Orange as prior to that there was no signal. We always had full strength signal in the house and all was fine until about six months ago. The signal dropped right off, apparently after our local mast was decommissioned. I complained to T Mobile and since July have not paid anything for my phone – admittedly a low value contract – pending them supplying me with a booster. I have an email from them confirming that will be the case, but I would rather pay and be able to use my phone at home. My contract finishes in June 2014 and if the problems have not been resolved I shall be looking to switch, assuming another provider manager to get a signal here. My wife continues to be with Orange and has the same issues. We are really disappointed with the service and wish we did not need mobiles.