In reply to:  EE Signal & Coverage Problems: EE have cut back their 3G network in the UK now 4G is launched

  • I refer to your article and responses regarding poor EE reception. My company has a group contract with Orange for 6 phones and we have recently been badly affected by poor reception in our office in Acton. We have been told that EE are upgrading the nearest mast to 4g and that this could take 30 days and they have offered to send us a booster, which will also take 30 days. We then called EE and were told that Orange had closed down two masts and had no plans to upgrade in the area so we are confused and angry. We rely massively on our mobiles to carry out our business and now we do not know when or even whether normal service will be resumed and we feel we have been lied to.

    What are our rights here? We would like to move to the competition without paying penalties as we can’t make or receive calls. What would be your advice?