Insert Coin Clothing co-founder interview: ‘Gamers want to express their love of games without having to wear Pac-Man’

"I think the important thing is that we’ve concentrated on producing something that’s quality. A lot of gaming companies think they can print anything on any old t-shirt and get away with it, and gamers would just lap it up." - To celebrate our launch, @InsertCoinTees are giving four of our readers a £5 voucher

Insert Coin Clothing

When gamers want to wear tees relating to their interests, it’s hard to find tees of great design and great quality in a market cluttered with cheap, badly designed tat. Insert Coin Clothing are one of the few companies that beat this trend.

Insert Coin are market leaders in gaming related attire, selling hoodies and t-shirts for geeky men, women and kids. They‘ve created extremely unique and brilliant designs for some of your favourite games: Tomb Raider, Halo, Metal Gear, you name it, there’s something for every kind of gamer.

Insert Coin have rapidly been gaining popularity, and their production has risen to match it. With their goal of releasing a new range of originally designed products each season, and many licensed tees to fill the gaps, Insert Coin are able to regularly coax money from any trendy gamer’s wallet.

In this short interview with the founder of Insert Coin Clothing, Dan Long, he discusses how the company came about, how the company is developing, and his own gaming experiences.

Who are you, and how did Insert Coin Clothing come about?

Hello my name’s Dan Long, I’m head of communications at Insert Coin Clothing. Basically, it all started when John and I worked together. We loved gaming, we loved t-shirts, but we were severely disappointed with the level and quality of t-shirts that were out there. The ones that we bought, we thought: “We can do better” so we decided to do just that, and set up the company.

What’s the key been to your success, do you think?

I think the important thing is that we’ve concentrated on producing something that’s quality. A lot of gaming companies think they can print anything on any old t-shirt and get away with it, and gamers would just lap it up. Gamers don’t, gamers want something that’s cool, and they want to express their love of their games without having to wear Pac-Man or whatever. There’s nothing wrong with those sort of designs, but a lot of gamers wanted something more, something related to what they were playing.

How do you choose the games that you create t-shirts for?

A lot of the time it’s down to what we like personally as gamers, it’s games that shaped our gaming career. Particularly in our latest ranges, you’ve got: Halo, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, and a lot of SEGA. So we’ve got all platforms and all types of games. They’ve all shaped what we play and what we love, and what we love now in gaming.

A lot of the time now, particularly on some of the new licensed stuff, it’s games companies that come to us. We’re honoured, and we’ve been really lucky that they’re the companies and the games that we really love. It’s a combination of those two processes really.

So you’re gamers yourselves, what kind of games do you play?

We play pretty much anything really. John’s into his first person shooters, – he’s not saying it, I’m just saying it – but he’s very good. I prefer Shadow of the Colossus and things like that. It’s probably Shadow of the Colossus and Gunstar Heroes are my two favourite games, which are sort of as far apart in terms of style as you can get, but they’re probably my two favourites.

Finally, what are your plans for the future?

I think the main plan is just to keep carrying on making designs that people want to wear, and whether you’re a gamer or not, that you can appreciate the design. If you are a gamer and you love that game, you’re going to get so much more out of it, because we put all that love and effort into making the t-shirt that we want to wear, and all our fans and followers want to wear as well.


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