Enough of the ‘squeezed middle’, what about the downtrodden working class?

Why Ed should focus his efforts on the real losers of the economic downturn.

Poverty in the UK

Ed Miliband has talked incessantly of the ‘squeezed middle classes’ but I’d like to remind him of his traditional Labour supporters – the working classes – who he seems to have forgotten about. Today the Department of Health announced that prescription charges are to rise despite strong opposition from the British Medical Association (BMA) and other campaigners. This is yet another stab to the chest for working class families. Whilst the Daily Mail likes people to believe working class people are layabouts and those without work as benefit frauds my experience is quite the opposite. Those that have jobs are some of the hardest working people I know, many with two jobs or more so that they can support themselves and their families and those that are on state benefits would like nothing more than an real living income from a job. Not to mention of course the homeless who have somehow managed to slip through the social security net and who find themselves in most the vulnerable situation of all. Whilst the Conservative led Westminster City Council is drafting a bylaw to make it illegal to, and I quote ‘No person shall lie down or sleep in or on any public place’ and ‘No person shall distribute any free refreshment in or on any public place’, taking aim squarely at the homeless the Labour Party should be speaking out against this and making sure that those without a voice are heard. Whilst the ‘squeezed middle’ know that the next few years under the Conservative government will be tough they will survive and come out the other end with a few cuts and bruises. The same can not be said for the working class people of this country. Mr Milliband should re-focus his efforts on the real losers of the economic downturn.