Here’s what over 200 influential politicians, startup founders, key figures in business, tech, arts want for Christmas

The PostDesk Christmas project, now in it's second year receives responses from 41 British MPs, 65 high profile business founders, 26 journalists and a number of well known celebrities

PostDesk Christmas Project

With the unprecedented success of our Christmas 2010 project where we asked over 100 influential people in technology and business what their ideal Christmas present would be, we decided to run the project again this year on a slightly higher profile.

As part of the 2011 PostDesk Christmas project, we asked over 200 notable people in technology, business and politics what their ideal Christmas present would be this year. Among those who participated are 41 current British MP’s, and 65 high profile business founders and 26 established journalists. In technology, we had a group of influential bloggersweb designers, web developers, speakers, authors, a number of Y-combinator founders as well as some key figures from with the gaming scene tell us the items on their Christmas wish list. In business we asked a number of CEOs and in the creative industries some podcasters, musicians, photographers, designers and typographers. Finally, we asked a number of high profile people in entertainment, including some television personalities (among them the likes of Lauren Conrad, Pollyanna Woodward, Suzi Perry and Shira Lazar) and comedians (including Justin Moorhouse) what they would like this year.

All in all, the entire list makes for a highly interesting, and at times thought provoking, humorous and insightful read.

The project, in it’s entirety can be read at

We hope you enjoy what we have put together this year. The project was headed up by Sam England, Project Manager at PostDesk. Thanks is due to the whole PostDesk Team, specifically Mark Parsons and also Michael Mokrysz who helped with a few last minute server issues.

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The founder and project manager at PostDesk is Sam England. For more information about this project see our recent blog post: What is PostDesk? Who we are, where we are now and where we’re going…