20 minute conversation at #OccupyLSX between Malcolm Blackman of Anonymous UK, and students from City of London School

Anonymous UK at OccupyLSX: 'If you think [Occupy] London is going to be one of the first to cave, then you've got another thing coming'

Anonymous UK Occupy London

A small group of students from City of London School engaged in a heated conversation from a representative of Anonymous UK. The man from Anonymous UK told us how “…everyone seems to think we’re hackers” and how whilst “there is a small number of hackers out there”, Anonymous is “…mainly people who are here to fight for the peoples rights, and who are activists on the ground”. During the day time the Anonymous UK representative speaking in the interview told us that he is “part of the 99% protesting”, and that during the night time he puts his Security Industry Authority uniform on and he provides his services for free. He told us that “…I’m protesting because I feel I have a democratic right to and at the night time I am doing what I feel is right in my heart by looking after all of these protestors because they do get some crazies around at the night time”, adding that “…being one of the only people licenced and able to do this by law I volunteer my services for that”.

The conversation is available unedited, and in it’s entirety below.

Anonymous UK City Of London School

The first part of the audio is an introduction about Anonymous UK, followed by one from the City of London School students. The Anonymous UK representative then talks firstly about their views on mainstream media censorship, and how this media is ‘…owned by government, which is owned by corporations, which is owned by the elite’. He then talks about those who sponsor St Pauls Cathedral, issues about the land which the OccupyLSX ‘tent city’ has been built on, the influence of corporations over the church, how Occupy stands for “global discontent from the 99%”, degradation of our freedoms and fundamental human rights, corporate led legislation, finishing with some interesting views about the British Police force.