10 years on: An interview with James Hufferd Ph.D. – a key #9/11 ‘truther’ that maintains attacks were an ‘inside job’

James Hufferd tells us how he's hopeful for breakthroughs in media recognition and coverage that will help make his evidence-anchored view the conventional wisdom in the US

Collectively known as ‘truthers’ or members of the ’9/11 Truth movement’, James Hufferd is a key figure in the group of organisations, individuals, and professionals including architects, engineers, scientists, scholars, and ex-military or services personell who question the accepted or ‘official’ account of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center, New York, and The Pentagon.

Founder of 911 Truth of Central Iowa University, James also “coordinates, operates, and maintains the 911 Truth Grassroots Organizers list”. We spoke to James about his theories regarding 9/11, and how he became interested in the subject.

“The official version is scientifically indefensible and a total fabrication.”

Firstly, we asked him the admittedly broad but fundamental question – what where his views on 9/11? He told us “First of all, books could be and have been written in answer to this extremely broad question. Literally hundreds of pieces of evidence point to the attacks being s U.S. Special Forces “black ops” mission, carried out under the authority of ideological militants who had infiltrated a number of key government departments and agencies to get the central plan of the operation readied and executed. The three WTC buildings were clearly brought down by controlled demolition, the aircraft strikes employed as a ruse to divert attention. The official version is scientifically indefensible and a total fabrication.”We then went on to ask him what he felt the most powerful piece of evidence supporting his theories is, to which he explained “I think the most powerful evidence is the manner in which each of the three WTC buildings collapsed straight downward through the path of most resistance at very near free-fall speed into its own footprint. This, while Building 7 wasn’t even struck by an aircraft. Only controlled demolition could achieve such a result.”

He also described how “911 Truth of Central Iowa is a local/regional group I started that has met monthly at the Adel, Iowa Public Library since September, 2007. We have an active call-list of about 175, but no official membership. Our functions are community outreach to spread knowledge of the evidence we have learned about.”

“I have never found conspiracy theories of any particular interest, and don’t now.”

James also tells us that he has “never found conspiracy theories of any particular interest, and don’t now.” James went on to reiterate, “I am not interested in 9/11 conspiracy theories. I am only interested in established facts and real evidence concerning the violent events of 9/11/01, and in reasonable and credible interpretations of what the established facts mean. I’ve been actively interested in facts concerning these events since the day they happened.”

“I realized they could only issue such a report so soon if it had been prepared in advance.”

We asked how James got interested in the subject, to which he told us that “…on the day of the attacks, within hours, the government already issued, without conducting any sort of forensic or criminal investigation of the massive amounts of data only beginning to accumulate, a full report including biographies and pictures of those allegedly involved and a full narrative of what took place, before many of the witnesses could be interviewed. I realized they could only issue such a report so soon if it had been prepared in advance.”

Following on from this, we asked James what motivates him to keep researching 9/11 after 10 years. James told us “For one thing, 9/11 is fascinating. But, the main reason is to be able to expose to the American and world public – the true victims of 9/11 — the fact that our system of governance has perpetrated this enormous fraud to brainwash the people and mobilize them to support the aggressive militarization of U.S. policy, while falsely scapegoating an enormous segment of the human race as perpetrators. Such is the antithesis of democratic self-government and must be emphatically rejected and repudiated in order for the U.S. to regain its legitimate free, self-governing status.”

One would assume that the majority of the population don’t question the evidence pointing towards 9/11 being something more than a terrorist attack, though James thinks otherwise. We asked him about his views on this and he tells us how “Reputable polls have shown that upward of 40% of the American public suspect that the government’s account of 9/11 is not truthful and that something major is being covered up. So, the premise of your question is false. A sizable portion of the population, meanwhile, is in denial, refusing to accept the extraordinary implications of forces within the government being involved in perpetrating such acts.”

“Only ignorant, unreflecting people say this.”

Some also say that the conspiracy theorists researching 9/11 are besmirching the people who died on that day, to which James would respond, “Only ignorant, unreflecting people say this. Many members of victims’ families and many of the twenty-some thousand survivors of the attacks are 911 Truthers themselves.”

So as the 10th anniversary approaches is James still hopeful that the ‘truth’ will come out about what really happened on September 11th? He tells us that he is  “…hopeful for breakthroughs in media recognition and coverage that will help make our evidence-anchored view, instead of the unsubstantiated official conspiracy theory, the conventional wisdom in this country. It is closer to being such elsewhere in the world now.”

James also wanted to tell us that the website he operates is “www.911grassroots.org. The web site for our Central Iowa group (which he doesn’t operate) is: www.ia911truth.org. James has also written two books, one a novel, the other non-fiction, falling under the general umbrella of, or inspired by, 9/11, both to be published by Progressive Press in California. And he is working on another related novel.”

What are your opinions on 9/11, and the ‘truth movement’ – 10 years on?